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Guestbook in Saint-Raphaël

Guestbook 2023 och tidigare

"Dear Mr. Saenger,

"Thank you for the reply.
I can just imagine how difficult it is, we can see all around us that many different jobs are falling apart.
I am happy that you are still managing to keep your French courses so personal and different.
Ok, all is understood!
Best from Belgrade, where is snowing at the moment"


"Amazing experience and so much fun!

"I was 14 and I went with a friend for 2 weeks.
The teachers were very kind and nice, food was great and it all felt like at home.We will return."

Sofija Terzic, Belgrade , Serbia

"Hello Edmond,

"It was a perfect experience for Pars. We kindly want to be at the school next year, too.
Annie and Frankie are perfect, Pars and i love them so much.
Please keep in touch for the next year registration.
Thanks for your concern."

Kindly, Beste

Guestbook 2022

"Dear Mr Saenger,

"Marina loved her two weeks studying in St Raphael. Josie and Annie were the most wonderful, enthusiastic and empathetic teachers and Annie provided a warm welcome in her home, with fabulous meals and real care for Marina and her friend. They loved St Raphael and enjoyed exploring independently and putting their learned french to use. Their lunches were a real highlight!"

Alex Mann, London, U.K.

"Hello Edmond

"I would certainly recommend to study French with the French Language Holidays School in St. Raphael. The courses are run by experienced teachers in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
I have made progress with my elementary French and the experience motivated me to pursue the learning further once I got back to London. I could not thank Edmond, Annie, Michel and Josiane enough.
The school also arranged my accommodation with Josiane, an excellent host who became my friend.
I am probably going back next year!"

Fabiana, London, U.K.

Guestbook 2021

"Dear Edmond,

Thank you for your kind words. Thea had a wonderful time in Saint-Raphael, and we noticed that she has grown more confident after that experience. For next year, both Thea and her brother Eddie would like to come.
Dr Gordana Apic Heidlelberg, Germany or young student
Mobil phone available only on request to take contact directly with the parents
Regarding the testimonial: yes we are happy to draft one and send you the text of that. Since we do not have a land line only mobile numbers, I would rather not put my mobile number on the website, but I am happy for you to share it with interested individuals who might benefit from talking to me and Thea. Many thanks,

Dr Gordana Apic Heidelberg , Germany

"Bonjour Edmond,

I‘m happy to serve as a reference. You can gladly put me on your list.
We are indeed satisfied with the summer course. My children made progress and - most importantly - feel much more at ease with the french language.
Best regards,
All the Best for Edmond and his team"

Madeleine Rusca - Bern, Switzerland
Home phone: + 41 79 398 30 50

"Dear Edmond,

My 7 year old daughter and I attended the French Language Holiday School in Saint Raphael, France in the summer 2018.Me with the adult groups and my daughter among the young children. We enjoyed it so much. It was very friendly and informal but at the same time I was impressed with the standard of the teachers which was very high. The classes were very relaxed in the garden but also very professional. My daughter loved the course and wants to return next summer. Saint Raphael is a great place for families with the beach and all the attractions, such as the Ferris wheel, carousal and market along the beach. Thank you to all for an enjoyable experience."

Colleen Fitzpatrick Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland
Phone : +353 876937792

"Bonjour Edmond,

For the third time my kids and Grandmother have spend 3 weeks at the French summer course in Saint Raphael
My kids love it, they have learned a lot , this week back at school the teacher have said: vous avez appris beaucoup cet ete !!!
Votre français est très bon!!
It is fantastic, French classes at the garden , in this typical Cote d’Azur house! Afternoon, at the beach…
We have been back, and back, so it means that the school is a great place!!!
All the Best for Edmond and his team"

Fabiola Gatti- Cademario, Tessin , Suisse .
Phone : +41 787572682

"Hello Our Dear Edmond,

Our Europe adventure has come to an end and we are back in Costa Rica safe in our home.
I can’t express how much we enjoyed our time in Saint Raphael, and especially meeting you. We remember with great fondness our time at the school, meeting your staff and the other families as well. The lunch together at the restaurant was paramount for extra practice at conversation. Even though my two children and I were true beginners at the beginning of our two week period at your language school, we feel as though we can now survive in an immersion experience; with basic vocabulary and verbs. I only wish we could have stayed a third week; and possibly fourth as I feel I could have really advanced in my conversational skills even more.
We would LOVE to serve as a reference for other families as we hope to return soon... if not in 2019, then in 2020. It was such a wonderful experience!!! Thank YOU!!!!
Hugs from the green mountain (Monteverde)."

Danilo, Sarah, and family BURBANK - Monteverde, Costa Rica
Phone : +506-9312-8680

Guestbook 2017 - 2018

"I would like to take this opportunity to let people know about my positive experiences with the French Language Holiday programme in Saint Raphaël.

I attended this program with my daughter who is 6 years of age during the summer of 2015 for 4 weeks and again for the summer 2016 for another 4 weeks.
We had a wonderful experience both learning the language and enjoying the rich french culture.
The School director, monsieur Edmond , made sure that our stay and our learning were both sincerely memorable. And he also tried his best to accommodate our needs when possible.
The teachers are all very knowledgable, friendly and warm. The small and family like setting of this program makes it unique.
We also enjoyed the various excursions and the trips that were offered during the 4 weeks. This further enhanced the learning process.
I highly recommend this program to families. And if you do decide to take this learning adventure, please come and say hello to me perhaps again this coming July.

Colleen Fitzpatrick - Westport, Co Mayo,Ireland
Phone : +353 876937792

"I would like to take this opportunity to let people know about my positive experiences with the French Language Holiday programme in Saint Raphaël.

I attended this program with my daughter who is 6 years of age during the summer of 2015 for 4 weeks and again for the summer 2016 for another 4 weeks.
We had a wonderful experience both learning the language and enjoying the rich french culture.
The School director, monsieur Edmond , made sure that our stay and our learning were both sincerely memorable. And he also tried his best to accommodate our needs when possible.
The teachers are all very knowledgable, friendly and warm. The small and family like setting of this program makes it unique.
We also enjoyed the various excursions and the trips that were offered during the 4 weeks. This further enhanced the learning process.
I highly recommend this program to families. And if you do decide to take this learning adventure, please come and say hello to me perhaps again this coming July.

G. A. Bakkal, London Ontario - Canada
Phone : 519-474-1635

"My daughter Anastasia, 13 years old, was trained in France Langue & Culture for 4 weeks, this summer 2016

I'm pleased with the result of training.
Major achievement during her training was to overcome the language barrier. She much has filled up her vocabulary. Since communication in the school took place in both French and English languages, she raised her level of both languages.
Now she is not experiencing difficulties in the French special school in Moscow, where she study from this year
I recommend in France Langue & Culture you will receive a guaranteed result.

Marina Kodyleva , Moskva , Russia
Phone : +7 (903) 790 84 20

"Dear Edmond, Thank you for your letter!

Sofija did enjoy the summer school 2016 most of the time and she has a lot of nice memories of those sunny days. We would like to return next June as well :)
and she enjoyed specially the numerous meetings at the beach with the French teacher /assistant Angie in the late afternoon.
Warm wishes,"

Guna & Sofia Rokk, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone : +37253466005

"We loved to play Pétanque (jeux de boules),

We had a wonderful 7 weeks. Thank you to all the lovely teachers who welcomed us and happily taught us French.
We are now living in France for the year and we were happy to have had the experience of the school before we started to live and go to school in France.

Lucila McElroy at Saint-Remy de Provence
Phone : +33 6 51 91 14 46

"Two of my daughters, Alice & Isabelle, and one of their friends attended the French language course at St. Raphael this year.

Just as in their previous year's visit, the teaching sessions were fun, engaging and very worthwhile. Learners engage fully in French with teachers and with each other,
and have the opportunity to explore St. Raphael independently, putting their skills to the test. My girls returned full of joie de vivre and with significantly improved French language skills!
I can, of course, expand on that if anybody phones! Cordialement,"

Steve TAYLOR in Cambridge
Phone : +44 (0*)7800 745639

Guestbook 2015

"Here my testimonial from Colorado:

We spent three weeks in Saint-Raphaël in July 2015 and we had a wonderful time.
The teachers were very knowledgeable and supportive, and we enjoyed getting to know others from different countries.
Saint-Raphaël is a very family friendly town, and a great place to engage in a french language learning experience!
Je serais heureux d'être une référence pour le programme et j'espère que nous retournerons l'été prochain.""

Brooke COTÉ; Hometown : Manitou Springs, Colorado USA
Phone : + 1-719-685-9707

"Hello Edmond

Of course we will appear with pleasure as reference . Francesco was really happy about his stay in St Raphael, so he will write a testimonial as soon as possible about the school, the host family and the new friends he met there. Everything was really top level, I congratulate on your management skills and organization!
Greetings from warm Italy"

Maria Teresa & Francesco PIZZOLO; Boldone, BG, Italy
Phone : + 39 334 2392450

"Per chi è coinvolto

Io e mio marito abbiamo fatto, quando giovani, diverse esperienze con campus estivi per le lingue! Abbiamo pensato che sarebbe bello che i nostri figli iniziassero questo cammino verso il grande mondo! Per fortuna abbiamo trovato la scuola di Edmond nel 2014! E piaciuto tanto a nostro figlio di 9 anni che abbiamo iscritto di nuovo per il 2015 e anche sua sorella di 7 anni! La Nonna li ha portati a Saint Raphael, è stata una esperienza meravigliosa per tutti e 3! Incluso la Nonna ha fato corso di francese!
Greetings from warm Italy"

Fabiola GATTI , Cademario/Lugano Ticino - Switzerland
Phone : + 41 916 052 492

"Я хочу сказать ОГРОМНОЕ спасибо Эдмонду и его команде за чудесные 2 недели, проведенные в Сан-Рафаэле.

Моей дочке было 4 года и это был ее первое знакомство с французским языком. Я боялась, что она вообще не будет сидеть на занятиях без мамы. К моему удивлению Саша так привязалась к своим преподавателям (Анжи и Сирьель), что плакала при расставании и всю дорогу в Россию повторяла : "Мама, а мы еще сюда приедем?" Мне кажется, что здесь комментарии излишни. На дворе уже сентябрь, а на вопрос, что она хочет на десерт, дочка часто повторяет:"Je voudrais une glace!" и веселит бабушек французскими приветствиями и прощаниями. Уже сказала много раз, но повторю еще раз: отдельное спасибо нашей хозяйке Анни, которая готовила нам прекрасные ужины, рассказывала нам столько интересных историй о французских традициях, вине, сыре и много-много о чем еще. У меня давно не было такого прекрасного отдыха, где сочитались бы и занятия, и море, и активный отдых, и прекрасная компания необычайно интересных людей."

Светлана и Александра Кудачковы , Moscow , Russia
Phone : + 7 916 591 36 04

"Hej Edmond,

Tak for et skønt og lærerigt 2 ugers sprogkursus i juli 2016, hvor min søn og jeg deltog. Vi lærte en masse fransk, og mødte en masse søde mennesker på kurset og på den efterfølgende frokost. En rigtig god oplevelse som virkelig kan anbefales."

Copenhagen, Danmark
Phone : +45 61672861

"Sono stato a Saint-Raphaël per 3 settimane e mi sono trovato benissimo.

Il corso è è stato interessante, utile e proficuo. E mi sono anche divertito! Gli insegnanti sono preparati e molto disponibili, e i risultati sono stati ottimi. La città è bellissima, il mare stupendo e le persone che ho conosciuto simpaticissime. È senz'altro un'esperienza da ripetere."

Francesco PIZOLLOI - 24020 Torre Boldone BG Italy
Phone : + 39 035 19906177


Меня зовут Анастасия, мне 12 лет. Я провела в Сен-Рафаэле 2 месяца без родителей. Всё было прекрасно! Я жила во французской семье, которая очень доброжелательная, и у них есть прелестные коты. Я училась в языковой школе France Langue & Culture, учителя которой настоящие профессионалы и просто хорошие, внимательные и отзывчивые люди. Мишель подарил мне книгу «Маленький принц». Крис подарила мне марки (я их коллекционирую). Анни даже прислала мне в Москву учебник, который мне необходим для дальнейших занятий. После занятий в школе мы обедали в нескольких разных ресторанах. И во всех было очень вкусно! Там можно попробовать неповторимые блюда Франции и Лазурного берега. После обеда мы ходили на пляж купаться в море или ездили на экскурсии. Я посетила соседний Сен-Тропе на кораблике, провела целых два дня в аквапарке и съездила в Ниццу в музеи известных художников. Все было интересно и незабываемо! И, наконец, самое главное. После моей поездки во Францию мой разговорный французский язык улучшился в сто миллионов раз! И я приеду сюда снова!"

Alla CHILIKINA - Moscow, Russia
Phone : + 7 925 205 90 72

"Cari Italiani,

Se state cercando un posto dove imparare il francese con rilassanti conversazioni all’ombra e senza l’assillo delle regole di grammatica, questa è la scuola che fa per voi. Non è come gli enormi istituti che d’estate vogliamo dimenticare, ma un accogliente giardino che gli insegnanti condividono con gli alunni, al riparo dal sole e dal caldo. E la cosa più bella è che non c’è limite d’età: i bambini piccoli sono seguiti da maestre giovani e preparate che li fanno giocare e divertire in francese, mentre gli adulti e gli studenti partecipano a conversazioni su diversi argomenti. Da non perdere poi il pranzo con gli insegnanti: il momento migliore per mettere in pratica il proprio francese. Insomma, un’esperienza che vale la pena di vivere. Io l’ho vissuta con piacere per due anni davvero indimenticabili."

Giulio CARAZZOLO - Montagnana PD, Italia
Phone : +39 0429804095

Guestbook 2013-2014

"We choose the French course in Saint-Raphael by internet since it was the one we found for kids (8years old)

It was a great experience!! The house of Annie is perfect and so nice!
Edmond is a perfect host!!
I would recommend it 100x and hope to come back!"

Regina GATI , Boarding House , with Jonathan 8 y.o , Cademario - Ticino, Svizzera
Phone : +41 916 052 492

"Bonsoir Edmond,                       Séjour à Saint-Raphael - Juillet 2014

je suis Giulio et je voudrais vous communiquer que j’ai été très heureux de recevoir votre gentil courriel.
Je m’excuse pour ne pas avoir repondu tout de suite, mais j’ai eu beaucoup d’engagements avec mes etudes personnels.
Malheureusement, je n’ai pas l’occasion de continuer mon cours de français en Italie, parce que on étudie seulement l’anglais à l’école, mais je serai vraiment content de me rafraichir la memoire en suivant votre conseil au sujet de TV5Monde.
Maintenant je vous donne toutes les informations où les gens peuvent me contacter :"

Giulio CARAZZOLO Montagnana ( PD ) , Italy
Phone : + 0429804095

"I had a wonderful 2 weeks in St Raphael this summer June 2014 and enjoyed 2 full weeks of hot Mediterranean sunshine in early June.

The course was everything I expected and more. We students were allowed to discuss the needs of the group and received the instruction we all needed.
Written work was enjoyable and entertaining and the opportunity to speak French freely with the teachers and students,without embarrassment, was just what I wanted.
Staying with a French host was very enjoyable and necessitated, in my case, communication in French at all times as my hostess spoke no English.
This was challenging but better than a hotel, considering the object of the exercise was to learn to speak and understand French as quickly as possible.
The excursions were most enjoyable and well worth the small extra expense.
Lunch at the local restaurant with the group is a must, the food was excellent and the conversation most entertaining in both English and French.
I would recommend the course to anyone needing to immerse themselves in French Language and Culture."

Lindsay WALLACE , Nottingham
Phone : +44 0115 914 3965

"Dear Edmond, I'm Oisin's mother, replying on his behalf as he is now living and studying in England and has no internet access!

I would like to thank you very much for organisation and the course that Oisin, 17 y.o. attended this summer 2013 in Saint-Raphael . It was his first experience of being away from home in an unknown place and I he was quite disorientated the first evening in the family. However he messaged my the first morning of the course to let me know that he had arrived on time and he wrote that everyone was very welcoming and friendly. He enjoyed the course very much and loved his afternoons on the beach with his fellow students! I was very impressed though by his ability to chat in French when he returned home. It was obviously very helpful for him to attend the course and to be in France. The experience in France being so positive was the deciding factor for him to go and study in England and live with a host family there, so I am very happy for that outcome too.

With many thanks"

Julia Harrington Greve in Chianti, italy
Phone : + 39 339 633 2656

"To whom it may concern in the States :

I came with my son, who was 13 at the time. We had a very good experience with this program: our household (with a wonderful host and a group of other students) was wonderful; we enjoyed the classes; and we loved being in St. Raphael. The people we met from many areas of the world were wonderful. In just two weeks, my French improved and I gained a lot of confidence in speaking. A group of us went to Monaco."

Miranda Phelps, Intermediate French (my son participated in beginning French), Stayed in a household at Annie's, Waterville, ME. USA
Phone : + 1 207-873-0689

"Hello Edmond,


Phone : + 46 35 37 074

"Bonjour Edmond,

Participated in course typ Intensive 6hrs per day
Typ of lodging Single room w/family + breakfast + dinner
MY COMMENTS ABOUT THE TOWN AND THE LANGUAGE SCHOOL : "Nice environment, cool place, professional teachers".
Thanks and we keep in touch.

Francesco ".

Francesco Fedi, Livorno (Italy)
Phone : +39 329 066 2590

"Hej Edmond, ( in Swedish .. )

Tack för ditt mail. Jag har kryssat för yes, så det går bra att använda mig som referens. Det var verkligen en varm och skön sommar och en bra form av lärande.
Ha en bra höst!

Med vänliga hälsningar"

Suzanne Bergman =) Upsala , Sweden 070-5808928

"Hi Edmond,

Thanks a lot for the link, it's very useful.I will be happy to answer questions and give my point of view of the program. Level of course : Beginner Excursion to Abbey, winery and Cannes Stay in Anny's French Boarding house

Thanks a lot again. Regards."

Magda Alvarez; Town : Dubai, UAE home phone : 00974 4203755 ( español e Inglés )

"Hello the school,

With pleasure .. I enjoyed the summer course very much ..."

Susanne Jungstedt; Town : Stockholm , Sweden : Mobil + 46 708 60 00 58

"Bonjour Edmond, .. Ca va ?

It is all back to business, the children in school, myself and hubby at work.We also miss St Raphael and the glorious weather, it is getting colder here now and there is lot of wind and rain. We look forward to returning to St Raphael in the summer of next year. I am happy to write a reference for you. With pleasure, I can relate for the French summer courses 2014 :
First name: Kemi
Family name Obakin
Phone nr ...0031 619934061.... Where people can call me ....
Hometown ..Bergen Noord Holland....
Participated in course typ ..Beginners, Child and Teenager........
Typ of lodging ...self catering apartment c/o Mme Guillé Excursions / Cooking classes .
Excursions to St Tropez, to Grasse, to Nice all good fun.......

Bonne journée. A bientôt ... Kemi "

Kemi Obakin, Bergen Noord - Holland; Phone nr : 0031 619934061

"Hi Edmond,

Thanks for your email. I would be happy to act as a reference for your French language courses as both myself and my daughterenjoyed studying in St Raphael very much and would like to return in the future to continue our studies. I hope the rest of the summer was successful for you and that your work in Stockholm is going well. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help

Best wishes"

Elaine Scott Brighton , England evening phone : 0127351800

"Dear Edmond:

Thanks for your message. My family and I loved St. Raphael and miss it very much. I will decline to act as a reference as I work rather long hours and have numerous court appearances this Fall and Winter. I wish you all the best!

With regards,"

Falguni, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Voilà ! Ciao Edmond,

Gabriella, the mother .... YES ...I CAN RELATE FOR SUMMER COURSES 2014 :
First name ...Alice.....
Family name .... Podini .........
Phone nr ... + 39 0257507107.....
Hometown .......Milan, Italy
Course typ ..... Beginner .......
Typ of lodging .French host Family.......
Excursions / Cooking classes ..Some....."

Alice Podini, Milan, Italy; Phone nr: + 39 0257507107

"Dear Edmond , I'm happy to send you my contribution ..

I can relate with pleasure for Summer Courses 2014 :
Ayse TAKACS family , 3 pers. adult and children
Phone : + 1 617-916-9469
Hometown : Boston, Ma USA
Typ of lodging : self catering Apartment arranged by school
Excursions / Cooking classes : Frejus trip , Aquapark"

Ayse TAKACS, Boston, Ma - USA; Phone : + 1 617-916-9469

"Bonjour Edmond,

Hope you've had a nice time off after your intense summer at the Riviera. I'd be delighted to be on your reference list for next summer, and I will give my personal opinion of the school and everything relating to it to anyone who asks. In general, I was very pleased with my two weeks in San Raphaël. Unfortunately, I haven't been studying French at all since I got back. I've been thinking of attending a course for conversation but for the moment, there is none at my place. My plan is to complete my old Par ici 5-course (from radio) if only I can find the cassette tapes??? Do you know if that course still is available preferably on a CD? Thanks for the link to TV5 Monde, I'll check it out.

Best regards, Agneta"

Agneta Ericson ; Phone nr ...+46 (0)16 35 57 57; Torshälla./ Gothemburg., Sweden

Participated in course typ ..2 weeks, 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. .
Typ of lodging ...French host Family (Madame and me)..
Excursions / Cooking classes ...Did all the excursions except for cooking class and sports..

"Dear Edmund

Here are my answers to all of your requests. I hope they are useful to you. With pleasure, I will relate for Summer Courses 2014:
First name: Paula
Family name: Gurbindo Pérez
Phone nr: + 34 913000959
Hometown: Madrid . Spain
Participated in course type: I was in the Advanced level. Although I did't learn any new grammar, I got more vocab' and I became more fluid and confident when speaking French. Type of lodging: I stayed with a lady called Annie Tedesco. She takes good care of her guests.
Excursions / Cooking classes: I went to Saint-Tropez, to San Remo and Italy, to Cannes and to Grasse. These cities are so French, I mean they are nice, relaxed, and enchanting."

Paula Gurbindo Pérez, Madrid . Spain, Phone nr: + 34 913000959

Guestbook 2012

"I went to Saint Raphael in the summer of 2012.

I was there for 2 weeks, but at the end of the second week, I wished I could have stayed there longer. It was an amazing experience ! I had the opportunity not only to learn a little bit of French, but also to make friends with people from different countries. I made some very good excursions, in which I learned many things ! Moreover, Edmond ,the manager, was very helpful and helped us whenever we needed it.. Neither I or my sister Jennifer had problems with payments, with the course, or anything else.

I recommend this course because you can learn another language in a small group, make friends, visit places and be in a beautiful city. All are very attentive. It is impossible to go there and not have a good time there."

Ingrid & Jennifer Nielsen , students , private housing in town , Atibaia / Sao Paulo, Brazil
Evening Phone : + 55 11 44 15 25 75

"I attended the Saint-Raphaël French Language School in August 2012

My experience was extremely positive and pleasant, the School teachers (Isabelle, Christine and Paul) are excellent, as well as very nice people (I would like to mention our fantastic Director, Edmond, too) and the other students were great and it was very easy to socialize with them: we had many occasions to have lunch or dinner at the restaurant, as well as to explore together the wonderful Saint-Raphael, which I consider one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life.

Moreover, it was much more than I expected as to the quality of the people that I met and I highly recommend such an experience. "

Costanza Busi , adult course , hotel Beauséjour , Padova, Italy
Evening Phone : + 39 04 96 54 680

" Dear Edmond,

I have not be able to send it to you yet because I have been waiting for Kimberly to tell me the excursions whe went on Perhaps you have it recorded somewhere ... If I wait any longer , the year will be over !

Kimberly is more than happy to refer your school . We called one of your references last year before registering. "

Kimberly & Carol , homestay, student course , Roma, Italy
Phone : + 39 06 45 49 27 52

"Of course it is fine to use us as a reference, please provide e-mail contact.

I will write a testimony and e-mail it to you once I have time. Like you I am busy preparing for another busy year.

Fantastic summer - thank you!"

Jacqueline Greenlees , Children's Club , London , u.k
e-mail address :

"Bonjour Monsieur Director, ( the below Polish previous adult student, works at the Swedish Embassy in Warzsawa and is fluent in Swedish ..not in English .... ).

Har hört från Teresa att Du har återvänt till Sverige från paradiset vid den franska Rivieran. Då är det dags för mig att skicka mina tackord för Din omsorg och tillmötesgående. Tack för att Du hade tid att efter luncher prata med mig på tu man hand. Det var intressanta synvinklar från en erfaren svensk fransman :-) När jag har berättat för mina svenska vänner och bekanta om skolan så visade det sig att det var två stycken som var Dina elever för flera år sedan! Du är kändis i Sverige :-) Jag hade tur med lärare och speciellt med min värdinna. Hon ställde verkligen upp: korrigerade mina läxor och förklarade många språksvårigheter. Jag tänker skriva till henne nästa vecka för att tacka. Du har lyckats plantera i mitt hjärta en förkärlek till Frankrike, i alla fall de södra trakterna!

Bifogar bilder jag tagit under våra luncher - ett litet minne och tack från mig till Dig. Soliga hösthälsningar från Warszawa och kanske på återseende."

Iwona Skobot . adult course , Warzsawa , Poland
Phone : + 48 22 825 93 28

Guestbook 2011

"I came to the Saint-Raphael Language School in the summer of 2011.

It was an unforgettable experience for me, and I really did meet some amazing people, many of which I am still in contact with now. At that point I was in the middle of my A-level French at school, but my major weakness was speaking. The first day I arrived in Saint-Raphael I hardly spoke, but by my final day I was chattering away to any French person who would listen. I stayed there for three weeks doing the intensive course in the afternoon as well, which was really helpful and gave me a great opportunity to speak in a smaller group. It was very well organised and structured, and it didn’t only improve my French incredibly, but also gave me confidence and gave me an insight into the French culture. I’m really looking forward to returning next year, but hopefully this time for longer!

I would recommend it to anyone, because there is a lovely atmosphere, and the teachers are so helpful in targeting exactly what you need to improve on."

Lizzie Hill, student , Halstead, Éssex u.k.
Phone : 01787 475346

"Bonjour Edmond,

Bien sur. (sorry for missingpunctuation!)....
We would be delighted to give references. Bea’s experience could not have been better. We would highly recommend you.

We will be in touch regarding next year in the next month. "

Kate Heath ( parent ) , student course for Beatrice, with homestay ,
Melbourne, Australia phone : + 04 1468 9309

"Hello Nathalie,

Once again I would like to thank you and everyone in your group for all what you have done for the kids.These pictures are wonderful. Hope to meet again. As said before whenever you will have chance to be in Turkey pls don't hesistate to call me.


Fulya Ankara, 'Turquey
My mobile: +90 532 447 4603 and home +90 312 240 2892

"Dear Edmond,

Jacob and I had a fantastic time at the school this summer 2011..
We really enjoyed the staff, the other students, and the location of the school was perfect.
The fact that it was 1 hours from the airport gave us a sense of adventure and opened up doors to learn more about the other beach towns and villages surrounding St. Raphael.
We will be coming again next year and bringing a few more friends.
Please have anyone call us and we would be more than happy to recommend the school to them.

Please keep in touch!"

Michele French , adult + Children's Club ,
Holliston / Boston, MA Office Phone : + 1 508-244-7815

"A fantastic,funny , approachable , friendly & unforgettable school manager in Saint-Raphael : - ))

My experience this summer 2011 in Saint-Raphael , helped me out so much, it was unreal ! I study Joint Honours French at University, so I thought it would be helpful to try out a summer language course. Reading previous comments on the programme really encouraged me to go. It exceeded my expectations, even though the comments I'd previously read were very positive !
Edmond is fantastic. So funny, so approachable, so friendly and unforgettable!! If you have any worries, concerns or questions whatsoever, he's there to help sort them out. I personally had a couple of difficulties with my accommodation, but when I explained the situation to Edmond, he completely understood and did his best to sort things out.
Isabelle is very organised and a very good teacher, Nathalie , Lionel and Marie were really approachable and friendly.
I chose to eat at the restaurant that the majority of the group ate at each lunch time, and the food was excellent. This was a really good opportunity to speak to everyone, and meet more people on the course. It was lovely how everybody bonded as well, I met some lovely people.
The trips on offer were really interesting, for example San Remo in Italy, Monaco, the Water Park, frequent trips to the beach etc. there's loads on offer! Don't forget your sun cream though wherever you go!
Before I came to St Raphael, I understood about 65-70% of French people's conversations. By the end of the course, I understood 80-90% normally, and 90% if not all of dialogue in the French lessons, when speaking to teachers, 'classmates', etc. This helped me especially as I am at university in France for a year now and understanding as much as possible in lectures is critical.
In order tobenefit most from experience, you Definitely need to make the effort and speak to people, both others on the course and French people while you're there - if you don't, you Definitely don't benefit as much. I made the effort and benefitted so much it was unreal! It gives you a lot more confidence when speaking and holding a conversation as well. It's one thing learning and speaking a language back at home, but it's something else actually being in the country and speaking to genuine foreigners/French people!
The course, for me, paid off so much it is unbelievable. It's helped me especially with listening and speaking - I now find I can speak a lot more fluently. I'm not fluent in French, but find it a lot easier and can speak a lot more naturally and at a better pace when speaking to people - It's given me a lot more confidence when speaking as well. St Raphael has helped me so much both for my year abroad and for the future.

Edmond was fantastic, and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone!"

Jennifer Wightman, part-time intensive course 6 hrs/day
from Nelson , Lancashire Evening Phone : + 44 128 261 4862

"Dear Edmond,

I hope you are well. Saint Raphael seems quite distant as the northern winter approaches. We had a great time and learned a lot. It was especially helpful to us that Louise was able to be with other teenagers. We thoroughly enjoyed the excursions and appreciated the effort you made in that regard. Our apartment was perfect for our needs. We would unhesitatingly recommend your school to other families.

With kind regards,"

David Herd & family adult + teen , morning classes
Inverness, Scotland home phone : + 44 01463 793 757

"Dear Edmond,

You are wonderful, thanks a lot for all your extra efforts. We appreciate of all you are offering us. Most of them have been travelled abroad. Besides my daughter, the rest 4 will be traveling by themselves without accompanied their parents. On behalf of all the parents I would like to express our thanks to you and rest of your staff before hand their arrival and say how relieved we are as parents that our children will have the chance to meet a caring person like you.

Kind regards."

Fulya Surmen , Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvari,
Ankara Turkey , Phone: + 90 312 231 4829

Guestbook 2010

"Bonjour Edmond.

I enjoyed and learned much in France this summer 2010 through your efforts and your teachers in Saint-Raphael. I hope I will be able to direct people to your programme and also promise them an enjoyable holiday.

Kind regards."

Martina Needham, Manorhamilton, Ireland. My telephone number is + 353 872881363

"To whom it may concern :

I have two sons whom I have sent every summer, for the past seven years, to different countries in Europe. For this summer 2010 I had everything arranged two months ahead of schedule. Unfortunately a couple of weeks before the beginning of classes, the school canceled in Nice. Since the plane was already booked, I desperately searched for an alternative summer program until I found France Langue & Culture in Saint-Raphael, which is truly the most friendly school I have known. Edmond, the manager was wonderful, he quickly arranged the courses for both of my kids and selected an incredible host family that not only provided room and board for the kids but treated them like family members. In a nut shell: a very flexible, professional and welcoming school, I highly recommend it.


Ruth Ojeda - Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua , Mexico. Phone (656) 229 51 75

"Hi Edmond,

Lovely to hear from you and sorry for not replying sooner. You can definitely put my name and home telephone number on your reference link.. I will also try to write a testimonial this weekend.. .because our whole family was very happy with our experience ...

With best wishes."

Karen Pasley - Dublin , Ireland . My number is : + 353 1 4900055

"A warm recommendation :

I had registered, payed, and bought my plane tickets, far in advance, for a three-week program in Nice, only to find out the day before that it was canceled last minute. With a plane to catch and a three week stay in France, I had no idea what I was going to do without a course. Immediately, my mother contacted Edmond, the manager of France Langue & Culture in Saint-Raphael , who instantly solved everything within a one day notice. Edmond had not only registered my brother and me to his course, but found us accommodation for the whole three weeks before our plane even landed! I cannot express my gratitude towards Edmond for making of my summer a wonderful learning experience that I truly enjoyed and one that I will never forget. Edmond’s French Language Holiday School significantly improved my rusty French over the course of three weeks- both verbally and grammatically wise-and the professionalism exemplified by his team of experienced French professors is unmatched.

We will for sure be back."

Arturo R. Alluin - Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. + (903) 357 7699

"Hello Edmond,

We had a great time in Saint-Raphael this summer 2010. The teachers were excellent and there was the opportunity to try lots of different experiences, I particularly enjoyed the cookery lesson in a french brasserie. Our children made great friends and were always delighted to go to their lessons each morning. The lunches were great fun and my french husband was always made most welcome, even if he wasn't attending the classes!

Thank you Edmond for a lovely holiday."

Karen + 2 daughters,12 y.o. - Dublin, Ireland . Phone : + 353 1 4900055

"Merci Edmond,

We had a very nice experience in St. Raphael. The school was very good (lovely teachers), the food at the lunch delicious, and our children had a very good time. Of course Chantal and Robert , our hosts at the villa with a swimming-pool are lovely people and they were the icing on the cake.

Best Regards."

Eugene and Edwina Daly in Tullamore , Ireland 00353-579320505 (home phone number


Guestbook 2007-2009

"I had the pleasure to be taught by two excellent teachers. They both have a high level of motivation and the outstanding ability to keep us foreigners motivated to speak/use the French language. Alina was very kind with the children and managed to keep them happy, although they were at the beginning not too enthusiastic about spending their vacation with learning French. The food at " Comptoir des Gones ", as well as the friendliness of the owner and staff deserve of special note. Last but not least Olivier is not only charming, but an excellent and very knowledgeable 'tour guide'.
Edmond - Please convey our best wishes to all the nice people in St. Raphaël, who made our two weeks' stay summer 2008 in St. Raphaël a success. Best regards"

Tsering C. Tethong Family Jona / Zürich , CH + 41 55 212 52 67

"I had a wonderful two weeks at your school in July and I would recommend it to anyone. The teachers, especially were great and the lunches at Les Comtoir des Gones were so much fun.
Im hoping to return in 2009 for two or even three weeks. Toutes mes amities"

Gillian O'Brien , Dublin , Ireland home phone : + 353 018 323 242 Mobile: + 353 086 324 3250

“Once again, many thanks for our wonderful stay at your school! It has been a delight for the entire Family and was a great motivational kick for all of us. We will definitely return! Many thanks to the teacher Isabelle for her kind, imaginative and motivating way she taught our two older children. Thanks to the teacher Laurence for her lively and pleasant classes and to other teachers for their profound and interesting discussions. And, of course, for the success of the Children's Club, where our youngest joined with such pleasure that every day she eagerly attended the kids group. And to you, dear Edmond, for having created a very personal, and in the best sense, a family-friendly atmosphere. Also, please thank the owners of the restaurant "Comptoir des Gones" and to the many other nice participants we met at the school…”

Bad Schwalbach, Germany

“For Ronny and I, the experience in your summer course had been very positive and we both can profit of our language study. We have very nice memories to these two weeks vacation in St.Raphael and we are thinking to come back next year.”

Beat Horrer - Zürich, Switwerland . Phone: + 41 448 173 028

“The course in St.Raphaël was a great experience for the entire family! Great teachers and the perfect outdoor environment for classes were just the perfect frame for good success. Besides that, nice housing, the beautiful coast, many different types of beaches and the wonderful spirit Mediterranée completed a wonderful stay! I can strongly recommend the institute of Mr. Edmond v. Saenger!

Eberle Family - Bern, Switzerland . Evening phone: + 41 31 325 5791

”This summer was everything we expected and more... The school was great, the housing was wonderful and specially Mr. and Mrs Villar (wonderful people). And the town, what can I say about Saint-Raphael other than it is magical...”

Elissar + 2 kids - Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. Phone: + 52 222 225-6005

”Lottie and I really enjoyed our time in Saint-Raphael and more importantly much improved our French. The teachers are excellent”

Jane Meggitt + Lottie - Halifax, England. Phone: + 44 01422-820872

Welcome to a rewarding and enjoyable French language holiday stay in Saint-Raphael on the French Riviera !

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